Friday, 12 September 2014

I've never seen such huge Pains aux Raisins

We got up early to arrive at the vets for Spencer's 9.15am appointment.
The clinic was spotless and the staff were friendly and helpful. Spencer had his examination and worm tablet for his pet passport. 

We then drove into Gourin to check about our bank account. To cut a long story short, the bank hadn't been able to confirm our address yet so we weren't able to use our bank card or cheque book. Luckily when I went in to the bank today, the same helpful young man who had opened our account spotted me and came up to greet me and apologise about the address saga. He arranged for me to withdraw cash to pay the water bill. He said he would ring me next week to let me know everything was ok with the account.

So we then went to the Mairie to pay the water bill in cash. This was fine. In fact we didn't have to pay as much as we thought. 

We then visited the boulangerie.....what a treat! We had meant to visit earlier as we really want to support the local businesses. We will definitely be buying all our bread and pastries here next time. I've never seen such big croissants, pains au chocolat and pains aux raisins! A young couple run the shop and they were friendly and welcoming. They also sell fruit and veg and cold drinks.

We hurried home to have coffee and half a pain aux raisins each. These were huge....and delicious!

Having finished the hemming last night, I hung my curtain up at the cottage back door. I know it's best to have curtains touching the floor but I took this one up a bit higher for keep it cleaner....I can always adjust the length later.

I'm so thrilled with the way the curtain looks. It makes the cottage look so much more homely and it's so pretty with the sun shining through. 

I think these curtains were made for this lovely with their floral front and striped lining in blue and white........

Chris then called me. He had decided to go up the ladder to review the farmhouse front roof. 

It seemed scarily high but he said he was fine.  The corner of the roof needed some waterproofing. Chris had a temporary solution to an expensive job in the future. He cut some battens the correct length in order to fit some waterproof roof lining that our son in law Sam had given us. 

Whilst Chris was preparing this, I removed some moss and vegetation from the front wall of the farmhouse. 

Chris was then ready to climb the ladder again. I had to stand on the bottom rung to secure it wearing a hard hat just in case he dropped anything!! We stopped for lunch and then he went back up and finished the job. He was very brave and at least the roof corner now has some protection from the weather.

We then had a look at the back roof as we knew rain was making its way in. The roof is covered in felt shingles. We had found a couple of packs of these lying around and worked out how they were put together. Unfortunately it's very difficult to see which ones were leaking from the outside roof.

We went inside to see if we could shed any light on it. This was the first time I'd been upstairs in the farmhouse (apart from perching on the ladder). Chris positioned the ladder so I could climb up through the first floor door on the side of the house. I'm so glad I went up as it was fascinating. Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery so I couldn't take any photos. We took the opportunity to relocate some slate tiles (700 we estimated later) from a section of the floor that was about to collapse. Boy those tiles were heavy. I think if we hadn't moved them, they would have fallen through and been smashed to pieces by our next visit. We gave up on the back roof situation for the moment.

During the rest of the afternoon, Chris did some odd jobs and tidying. I continued with the moss removal whilst amusing Spencer by throwing the ball into the pond.

I seemed to be making progress.

 I also cleaned inside the kitchen around the cottage front door in readiness for putting up the other curtain. 

We finished off the shepherds pie for tea followed by the crumble I made yesterday. We were both very tired and had aching bones and muscles!

Thank you for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. You've both been working so hard I reckon you deserved an enormous pain au raisins each!! It's lovely to see your cottage coming to life with the care you're putting into it.

  2. The French do not seem to be in to curtains very much, I love them and I think they warm the house and give a friendly feel. As for the roof we had to have ours done professionally and lined,I am the only one who goes up a ladder here, my husband has a balance problem so too much for me to do. Keep well Diane

  3. French pastries? You deserve a treat after all your hard work! It looks so nice with the curtains and your work around the foundation. Oh how I wish your batteries hadn't run out on the 2nd floor. I can just imagine how awesome this cottage is going to look when you're done. You could write a book with pictures of the process and your journaling of it and sell it to pay for all the renovations.


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