Thursday, 11 December 2014

Inspiration for the Cottage Kitchen

When we return to Brittany, apart from getting the electricity connected and getting quotes for the farmhouse roof, one of the things we will be improving is the cottage kitchen. Last time I did lots of cleaning in there and we ate some meals at the table but we weren't able to cook and the decor is pretty dingy to say the least. 

Here's a little reminder:

I have some ideas of what I'm going to do to make it more practical and homely including:

  • painting the walls white
  • removing the cupboards above the sink and putting up open shelving
  • painting the remaining cupboards and maybe replacing some of the panels with fabric
  • putting a curtain on the sink cupboard
  • decoupaging the tiles with pretty fabrics
  • making cushions for the kitchen benches (I'm halfway through making these)'s one....

  • buying a fridge and oven!
  • installing a water heater (we need electric first!!)

I've also made a colourful patchwork tablecloth for when the decorating is complete:

I have a board on Pinterest called Cottage Kitchen Ideas where I gather inspirational ideas.

Here's a few of the pins that have given me ideas:

Love the hanging utensil rack.....
Mechant Studio Blog
Open shelving......
Old kitchen utensils.......
So pretty......
Lovely the apron hooks....
 Not quite my style but gorgeous colours.....
Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. You are having so much fun! Love your pins!

  2. I think an under sink curtain that matches the ones on the doors would tie it together in a lovely way!

  3. I think your kitchen was better than ours when we first moved!! Love your material for covering the cushions. Have a good Christmas and New Year Diane

  4. Lovely ideas - I love the fabric for the seat cushion. Just a word of warning - in old houses there is a lot - and I mean A LOT - of dust. Your open shelves might requitre very frequent dusting/wiping down. If you have lots of things on them (like in the pinned picture) this might be a terribly time consuming activity. However, if you're like us, and couldn't give a toss (I haven't cleaned our open shelves for over a year! Eeeeeeeeeeeew!) then go for it!

  5. Oh, How exciting! You have such wonderful ideas for finishing your kitchen. And what was in that casserole on the table that looked so delicious? I really love the idea of the open shelving and painting the walls white. Can't wait to se it when you're finished.

  6. Lovely! White paint and new fabric will certainly brighten up your kitchen! I love the Pinterest photos too. Sort of a French Country look? I'm looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.

  7. It looks like your kitchen gets good light, so that's nice. White paint will brighten everything up even more. I love the fabric you chose for the cushion. Perfect!

  8. Hi Maggie, I have been wanting to write to you on this blog for a long time, but things have been really topsy turvy here. We moved to a new home, in the same city, in January and settling in took longer than I expected. I am not sure I will sharing any pics of my new home, because they are not half as pretty or interesting as yours. :)
    Thank you so much for sharing your new adventure with us, it feels as if I have walked right into a Enid Blyton book. I have been reading, no make that devouring every post you have written with great delight. Looking forward to many more wonderful posts and I can see that many other readers are loving it too. Love your kitchen ideas. Your sewing and quilting always amazes me. Maybe 2015 is the year my sewing machine comes out of hiding. :)
    Have a great weekend. Love.

  9. You'll be back in France soon! We look forward to reading about more of your brambling adventures in Brittany!

  10. Well, it's May 31st in 2015 and I am back to where I left off so now I am going to "catch up" and Brambling Brittany is going on my blog list so I never miss another post! I love your ideas, went over to Pinterest and I'm now following you over there as I love your taste in all things. I need to make a tablecloth like that too! You make everything you touch so cozy and homey and that is my style! Or at least what I strive for! LOL!


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