Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Second Coat Finished

After an extremely windy night, we emerged to thankfully find everything intact.

We had planned to go shopping today but decided to wait until tomorrow when hopefully the strong winds would have died down. 

My mission today was to finish the second coat of paint on the kitchen ceiling. Here the stepladder is all set up with Chris working on the path outside. 

I had done a fair bit when we stopped for lunch. 

Chris had been clearing more of the grass and mud from the pathway. 

And had put some gravel down by the gate. 

In the afternoon the strong winds had disappeared and there were glimpses of blue sky. 

I'm pleased to say I finished the ceiling. 

I wore a hat all day today as yesterday I got lots of paint in my hair!

We had a relaxing evening, the usual knitting and Chris playing his guitar. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx

Monday, 30 March 2015

Keeping Spencer Safe

We got up bright and early as Gary the electrician was popping round today to help us with the form from ERDF. He telephoned us at 10am to let us know he was on his way. He went through the form but said he would take it away as there were a couple of things he needed to check. He said he would post it for us and let us know when he heard back from them. We're hoping we'll have a supply withing a couple of weeks.

Last night Chris has started working on piece of walnut he had found lying around. This morning the walnut had been transformed into a wonderful coat rack.  This is going to be so useful. 

I spent some time cleaning the cottage kitchen and moved the tea and coffee and veggies over to the worktop from the table. It seemed more practical there. 

I'd noticed Spencer sitting by the fence at the front and I was a bit worried about him jumping the makeshift 'gate' and running into the road. I mentioned this to Chris and said it might be a good idea maybe to just prop our new gate up where it will be installed. Chris was straight to it and fixed the gate in place. 

Much better for Spencer!

After lunch and having finished a sleeve of my knitted jumper,

I set to painting the second coat on the cottage kitchen ceiling. It looks so much better with two coats!

Chris was working on a piece of wood to protect the edge of the floor tiles in the doorway.   

We'll be going out tomorrow. We need some more LPG gas. We also plan to go to the local roofing firm and to pop in on our friend Henri. 

It's been great to have your company!

Maggie xx

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rain Wind Rain Wind

Well it just hasn't stopped raining all day today and there have been strong winds too.

I have spent most of the day in Harvey J. I did venture into the cottage and cleaned a door! Chris sawed some wood in the barn. 

I've sorted out some paperwork for our electrician and tidied a couple of cupboards, but apart from that I've spent most of the day knitting!

Max has been happy to watch the rain through the window. 

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and I'll get some more jobs done!

Maggie xx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Day Out in Scaer

So we braved the cottage living room as a bedroom last night. To be honest neither of us had a great night's sleep. The gas heater had run out of gas in the evening so we had no heating. That wasn't so bad but we both were kept awake by various things. Chris had heartburn, Max was scratching and scrabbling about, I found it hard to sleep in such pitch darkness. When we woke up in the morning, I made us a cup of tea which we sat up and drank in bed....

Then we had breakfast and all was fine but it would be much cosier with some heating and also the electric!

We decided to have a day out today and visit the nearby town of Scaer where we have fond memories of staying at the aire and taking Spencer for walks. 

Once we'd parked up at the aire, we walked into town. Unfortunately we were a little too late for the Saturday market. They were just packing up. We went round to the pizzeria hoping to have lunch there but it was only open in the evenings. We found another restaurant hoping to have le plat du jour but when we were seated realised they only served it during the week. A classic tourist mistake! It was expensive and Chris wanted to leave but I persuaded him that it wouldn't be so bad if we just had a main course and a bottle of water. So we stayed and the food was superb. 

After our lunch we went back to Harvey J to collect Spencer and went on our old walk along the track that used to be the old railway line. 

 It was a lovely walk with happy memories. 

We'd spent time here when we had viewed properties in France. 

And we had had many discussions along the way about the pros and cons of different properties. 

When we had finished our walk, we popped to Le Clercs to change the gas bottle and get a few groceries. We noticed that there was a launderette in the forecourt of the garage. This could be really handy for the next few weeks. 

We then popped to Point Vert, a garden centre we hadn't been to before. We found a reasonably priced gate. 

When we got back home, we both felt that we would sleep in Harvey J tonight as it was much cosier. 

I spent the evening knitting whilst Chris played his guitar. 

It's been so lovely to have your company.

Maggie xx 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Digging a Path and First Coat is Complete

Today we decided that we were going to dig and shovel the grass and mud away from the gravel driveway starting with making a path down the back of the house. We didn't know for definite it was a gravel driveway until Chris had investigated with his shovel. It was so covered with mud, grass and moss. 

It was great teamwork with me breaking up the top layer with my spade and Chris shovelling it into the wheelbarrow. 

In a couple of hours we had a path. Still muddy but less of a quagmire than before. 

It didn't stop raining all day so I made my mind up to finish that first coat of paint on the cottage kitchen ceiling. 

There were three bays left to paint. 

By lunchtime I had only one and a bit left to do. We stopped for lunch and to translate a letter the post lady had delivered. 

The letter was from ERDF. We had to complete a form and send it in with the Cadastral plan. After lunch I rang our electrician and he said he would stop by on Monday to help us with it.

Our friend Rod popped by with some camping gas lamps for us to borrow.  He didn't stop for a cup of tea as poor Gail had put her back out and he had to go shopping. 

I then painted that last patch of celing. 

Hooray! The first coat was completed!

Earlier in the day we had transferred our bedding to the bed in the cottage living room. 

Even though we haven't done much in this room (apart from much sweeping and mopping!), it makes a really cosy bedroom. I think a crocheted blanket makes anywhere look cosy!

Looking forward to spending our first night in the cottage tonight. Let's hope it won't be too cold!

It's been lovely to have your company. 

Maggie xx

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Solution to the Squelchy Mud Situation

It had been raining most of the night.....

...and everything was pretty soggy outside when we woke up....

Last night we had been discussing the driveway and path and how to improve them. 

Chris said that under the layer of moss and mud, there was a hard gravel surface.

Amongst other things, Chris pottered in the workshop whilst I spent the morning in the cottage sorting out my new purchases,....

....cleaning the cottage.....

..,.as well as rearranging the living room so Chris may be persuaded to sleep in there soon.  It looked really nice with the bed against the wall.

 Better than I had thought....

Tomorrow night is forecast as 10 degrees at night so we are going to try then. Will be nice to be in a normal bed!

Chris fixed the lock on the cottage door. 

Max seems to have found another favourite place! A plank of wood. 

A lovely lunch!

In the afternoon I continued painting the cottage kitchen ceiling. The white paint was reflecting the light and lightening the room. 

Chris cut some branches and pruned the trees opposite the cottage door to let more light in. 

He also started to shovel the top layer of the drive to reveal the gravel as he had thought. 


If we could remove this top layer, it would certainly help with the squelchy mud situation. 

Toulouse sausages for tea! 

A great evening listening to music from Chris's iPod through Harvey J's stereo including Monster Mash and Jean Michelle Jarre. 

Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx