Saturday, 25 April 2015

Our Last Day

Oh no, it's our last day. We leave very early tomorrow morning. In fact I've set the alarm for 4.30am!

This morning I took photos of the stuff we have here so I remember not to bring duplicates next time!

The rest of the day I spent tidying and cleaning  but also planting a few freesia bulbs and some cosmos seeds. I'm hoping they'll be up and flowering in July the next time we're here. 

I've been enjoying our last moments here, taking lots of photos and soaking up the peacefulness. 

When I walk around the garden, Spencer usually joins me but Max has taken to coming along too!

I planted my little potted aubrietia plant at the front on a bank so that it may tumble down in years to come. 

At least we'll only be away for a couple of months this time.

I'm going to miss this beautiful place.

Thank you so much for joining me over the last few weeks. It's been lovely to receive your comments and just to know you're there!

Maggie xx

Friday, 24 April 2015

A Countryside Tour

Only a couple more days until we go home to England.

It was a pretty dull and drizzly day today. 

We've been told that this stone that sticks out on the back wall of the farmhouse would have been used as a step!

We had a nice lunch with our friends Gail and Rod. They kindly picked us up then dropped us back again. 

We then went to see our friend, Henri. He showed us around his lovely garden which is very inspirational. He has fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and he likes to try different things. He had just planted some melons. We had a drink with him and he then drove us around on a tour of the surrounding countryside. He took us to some high points where we could see our little town below and even see our house roof!

Henri took us to an excellent nursery with some beautiful plants and lots of ideas for our future garden. We also visited a brocante (antique/second hand) shop in nearby Saint-Goazec. Chris bought a WWII shell case. We will definitely be coming back to both these places to spend our money!

The tour was really interesting and it didn't matter about the drizzly weather. We saw all sorts of places and Henri also drove us past houses and farms nearby, many sadly empty and deteriorating. 

After the tour, Henri made us coffee and the three of us nearly ate a whole box of biscuits! It had been a lovely day and Henri was so kind to have spent the time taking us on the tour and making us feel so welcome. 

It's these types of things that make it rather hard to leave France!

Thanks for joining me. It's been lovely to have your company. 

Maggie xx

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Muck Spreading

Max was out and about early. We could see him through the cottage window, sitting on the old well house, spying on some poor innocent creature!

We took Spencer to the vets to be wormed for his pet passport and then did a last shop in Gourin. On the way back we called in our friend Henri but he wasn't in.

When we got back, Chris strimmed the front near the road....still looking for the septic tank!

Just before lunchtime, Henri called in. He said to pop up to see him tomorrow.

Caught anything yet Max?!

In the afternoon, the tractor began muck spreading in the field at the back.

It was interesting to watch them loading up the spreader....

...and then spreading it!

I had been giving the final coat of paint to the base cupboard.

In the evening, Chris fixed some new hooks up for the mugs to hang on.

During Chris's explorations of the stones in the well house, he had found what we think is the old farmhouse doorstep...broken in two but hopefully able to be restored.

New ceramic knobs on the cupboard...looks much better now!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Last Kitchen Cupboard

I probably didn't want to mention it but we're going back to England on Sunday. 

Only a handful of days left in this beautiful place. How much the trees have changed in 6 weeks?

Chris was straight back to the wall this morning.....cementing in the stones he had prepared yesterday. 

Here's the view from the farmhouse side. 

A quick reminder of those beautiful windows. 

Spencer loves to lie just outside the door listening to the sounds of the countryside and sniffing the air. 

There was one kitchen cupboard that I hadn't tackled yet and, with mop and soapy water, today was the day. 

You may remember when we first arrived back in August 2014, the cottage had a thick muddy residue all over the downstairs floor. It took several buckets of mopping power to clean it. It was the same in this cupboard. But an hour or so later and it was clean. 

The doors can just be left open in this beautiful weather. 

then gave the cupboard its first coat of white paint. 

In the afternoon we've taken to having a cup of tea in the front 'garden'!

Chris completed the wall. When the cement dries it will be less noticeable. 

Shepherds Pie for tea!

So lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx