Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Last Kitchen Cupboard

I probably didn't want to mention it but we're going back to England on Sunday. 

Only a handful of days left in this beautiful place. How much the trees have changed in 6 weeks?

Chris was straight back to the wall this morning.....cementing in the stones he had prepared yesterday. 

Here's the view from the farmhouse side. 

A quick reminder of those beautiful windows. 

Spencer loves to lie just outside the door listening to the sounds of the countryside and sniffing the air. 

There was one kitchen cupboard that I hadn't tackled yet and, with mop and soapy water, today was the day. 

You may remember when we first arrived back in August 2014, the cottage had a thick muddy residue all over the downstairs floor. It took several buckets of mopping power to clean it. It was the same in this cupboard. But an hour or so later and it was clean. 

The doors can just be left open in this beautiful weather. 

then gave the cupboard its first coat of white paint. 

In the afternoon we've taken to having a cup of tea in the front 'garden'!

Chris completed the wall. When the cement dries it will be less noticeable. 

Shepherds Pie for tea!

So lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts on this last visit to your farmhouse in Brittany. Things are coming along really well, especially the kitchen. Looking forward to your next trip. When do you think you'll be back?

  2. Oh, don't go home yet! You're on a roll! I know you have to. You've done so much. I am so impressed by your industriousness.

  3. Doesn't time fly?! You have worked so hard and done so much. You must feel very proud of everything you have achieved.

  4. You've gotten so much done on this visit. It will make your next visit so much nicer!

  5. I'm just joining this adventure. I love seeing what you're doing in this beautiful old house! It must be sad to leave, but I look forward to later installments. :)

  6. Oh no! You have to leave? I'm so grateful you have blogged about your adventure and I pray you will continue. I swear, you could write a book when you're all done and pay for some of your remodeling. Other people have done exactly that. You've really made such wonderful's just amazing what you 2 can do together....a great team! Now, if I could only get my "girls" to help me around here! LOL!


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