Thursday, 30 July 2015

Baking and Barbecue

Saturday 11th July

We decided to have a nice relaxing day today with there being no workmen about. I tidied up the cottage living room and kitchen as everything gets moved from pillar to post with the electrician having to put sockets in various places. This is where one of the old sockets used to be......

....looks like we've made several spiders homeless!

Late morning, I made two trays of Florentine slices and a tray of flapjacks. 

How cute is this tiny measuring cup in the form of a tea cup?!

It makes baking even more fun!

I usually make cakes in the cottage kitchen and then bake them in the oven in Harvey J. I don't use the old gas oven in the cottage for safety's sake although the hob burners are fine. 

One tray of Florentine slices baked and the other tray coming along nicely and a white van pulled up outside. It was our friend Henri accompanied by a handsome young man whom Henri introduced as our neighbour Serge's eldest son. He was friendly and chatty and I had a good conversation with him in French whilst Henri was advising Chris about his chainsaw. Referring to my baking, Henri suggested we set up a restaurant for the English people! They didn't stay for too long as they were going for lunch. I enjoy impromptu visits and it's nice to meet another member of our community. 

We had been invited to Gail and Rod's barbecue this evening so late afternoon we spruced ourselves up. Gail had kindly arranged for some friends Sandra and Alan to pick us up. We had a lovely evening sitting and chatting in Gail and Rod's pretty garden eating some of the most delicious barbecue ribs we have even tasted!

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Maggie xx

Work on the Front Roof Begins

Friday 10th July

So the scaffolding has now been assembled at the front of the farmhouse. 

The men were busy removing the old felt shingle tiles today. 

The front roof is much higher than the back but it didn't seem to worry them. 

The front of the farmhouse is in disarray!

It was difficult to get photos of the work on the roof but I took a few from a distance. 

We could just see their ladders peeping over the top. 

Spencer and Max accompanied me as usual. 

I like this photo but it's a bit of a Princess Diana moment! 

The sun had really made the wheat and barley turn golden. 

The electrician was here today installing the sockets in the cottage kitchen so I kept out of the way!

Everyone was gone by 5pm today which worked out well for us as we needed to go to Scaer launderette. When we went there a couple of days ago the machines were out of order. Luckily this time they were working and we spent an hour and a half day in Harvey J whilst our laundry washed and dried at the garage forecourt launderette. We put the radio on and French radio were playing 'pre-Friday-night-out' music. It passed the time nicely and they played some old school tracks incuding Vanessa Paradis's Joe the Taxi. 

We were hot and tired by the time we got home again so had a quick pizza and chips supper. At least we have clean clothes now!

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Maggie xx

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Beautiful Back Roof

Chris entered the farmhouse this morning and found some fledglings clinging to the inside window frames.

We think they could be swallows or housemartins. 

Chris opened the front door so they could get outside. 

We could hear their parents calling them so we kept out of the way. 

They had soon found their way out and were flying about happily. 

He wasn't impressed but we kept Max inside well away from these tiny birds. 

The roofers were here bright and early as always. 

They finished some work on the chimneys at the back. 

They then took the scaffolding down ready to assemble at the front. 

The back roof now looks so's a work of art in my opinion. 

It was a lovely sunny day. We had a relaxing lunch outside then I took the opportunity to chill on my hammock. 

Chris strimmed an area of stinging nettles at the side of the driveway to make a shady spot to sit under the trees. 

Later in the afternoon I did some sewing and made a cushion cover from the songbird fabric I had used to make the kitchen bench cushions. 

Time for a cup of tea!

The scaffolding had now been partly assembled at the front. 

About 6ish, our friendly neighbour Serge stopped by in his tractor. He admired the roof and we had a nice conversation in French. I understood that he had a sick cow, he was busy with the wheat harvest and his family were all well. I was thrilled when he invited us to 'chez moi' which I understood from other things he said to be where he milks his cows rather than his home.  I'm very excited about this as I love cows!

We had an omelette for dinner washed down with some Breton cider....delicious!

A long post this one....thanks for sticking with it!

Maggie xx

Monday, 27 July 2015

No Laundry Today

Wednesday 8th July

Work continued in the roof today with the tiling on this side completed by the end of the day. The roofers were also working on the join between the farmhouse and the barn in addition to work around the chimneys. 

Our electrician was here for most of the day and made good progress. 

Chris did some odd jobs today whilst I felt slightly at a loose end with the electrician working in most rooms of the cottage and the weather having turned a bit colder. 

Once the roofers had finished for the day we drive to Scaer to do some, laundry and rubbish drop off. Unfortunately the garage forecourt launderette was out of order so we had to bring back our rather large basket of washing to do another day. 

We came back, had a quick tea and were pretty tired and ready for bed. 

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Maggie xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Final Velux on the Back Roof

Tuesday 7th July 

The roofers continued with the tiling today and the final Velux window was fitted on this side of the roof. 

I'm sure they will have finished most of the work on this side by the end of tomorrow.  

The electrician made good progress with sockets and light fittings in the bedrooms (not connected yet but they're there! And the living room as well as lots of cables. We have a temporary light fitting complete with lightbulb in the living room/ bedroom!

In addition to my usual cleaning tasks,I relaxed with some sewing in the afternoon continuing with star blocks for my scrappy quilt I started back in England. 

Who's that trying to sneak into the photo?!

No prizes folks...of course it's that cheeky Spencer!

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Maggie xx