Friday, 29 April 2016

Good Progress with the Insulation

Friday 29th April 2016

This week has flown by. 

Chris has continued fixing the insulation batts. 

The weather has been variable with sunny spells and rain showers. 

I've planted my next metre of flower border with poppy seeds. 

On Tuesday, we popped round to Gail and Rod's house for tea and cake and a good old catch up. 

By Wednesday, Chris had finished fixing the insulation. 

On Thursday we went out for a delicious lunch at the Table de Morvan in Gourin to celebrate 10 years since we met!

Back to work today with Chris cementing a gap in the existing render on the bedroom wall. 

In the afternoon, we made a start on cutting and fixing the multi-couche, a multi layered insulation sheet. 

We've completed one section so far. 

It's going to be toasty in there!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Visit to Chateauneuf du Faou

Monday 25th April 2016

Today we took a trip to Chateauneuf du Faou. The town isn't far from us and we've been meaning to go for a while now. We had been planning to go to the coast today but the forecast wasn't good at all so we plumped for Chateauneuf du Faou. Don't ask me how to pronounce that... Even our Breton friends say they find it difficult!

Chateauneuf du Faou (Breton- Kastell Nevez-ar-Faou) is situated on a hill overlooking the Nantes-Brest Canal which is the canalised River Aulne. 

We parked down by the river and decided to walk along the riverside path and explore the town later. 

In the distance, up on the hill, you can see Château de Trévarez. This stately home, built in 1893, was taken over by the occupying Germans during World War II and bombed by the Royal Air Force in 1944. 

We had a good walk and came across two impressive weirs. The weather stayed fine with just a few spots of rain. 

After our walk we went up to the town. The shops were mostly shut due it being lunchtime and Monday! We found a nice pizzeria and both ordered their Plat du Jour which was Pork Marsala. It never ceases to amaze me that a French town can be so quiet and it seems like there's no one there at all but you enter a restaurant and it's so busy. I always think, 'Ah, this is where everyone is!'

After lunch we went home and spent some time in the garden. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx

Stubborn as a Goat

Sunday 24th April 2016

We got up reasonably early as there was a vide grenier (car boot sale) on in the nearby town of Roudouallec. 

We arrived at the village hall and there was no sign of anyone, not a soul to be seen. There was no note on the door either. It was rather disappointing. We came to conclusion that perhaps there hadn't been enough sellers to sign up so it had been cancelled. 

We popped to the boulangerie and bought some delicious looking bread containing bacon and sausage and topped with cheese. 

We then went home and took Spencer for a walk down the lane and up the track. 

We found this beautiful eggshell on the grass.

The fields around us look different now the cows have been moved and its been harrowed. 

We had a delicious lunch of soup and that cheesy bread. 

More stone sorting for me in the afternoon. 

I put Bam Bam at the front again. 

But this cheeky little Time.....

.....he decided he would stop en route and enjoy the lush grass. He wouldn't budge! I left him there to enjoy it. I didn't realise he could be so stubborn!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx

Monday, 25 April 2016

Patchwork Blanket for Max

Saturday 23rd April 2016

The weather was colder today with hardly any sun. 

A neighbour was spreading fertiliser on the field. 

I made a patchwork blanket for Max. 

He's a bit fussy about where he sleeps but he seemed to like it. 

In the afternoon, I prepared the next metre patch of garden and planted Calendula seeds. 

Chris spent all day doing the insulation. He's now cut all the batts to size. The next task is to fix them into place. 

He will be attaching batons to the rafters underneath the batts to create an air gap to stop moisture building up. 

In the early evening, our friend Henri popped by with a bag of onions. He stayed for a nice chat and a cup of tea. 

We had a cassoulet I had made in the slow cooker for tea. 

Nicely washed down with a bottle of beer!

Well it was Saturday night after all!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx

Godetia Seeds Planted

Friday 22nd April 2016

I was going to continue painting the living room ceiling today but Chris needed to use the step ladder for the bedroom insulation. 

So as it was a sunny day, I did some more gardening at the front of the farmhouse. I started by removing more stones with the sieve. 

It was so warm that we could have the doors open. Spencer enjoyed the sunshine in the doorway. 

These are the seeds I want to plant at the front of the farmhouse on the right hand side. They can all be planted directly outside without the need for seed trays in a greenhouse. The area is about 5 metres long so I am going to plant each metre with a different seed to see which thrive.....if any!

This is the first metre that I've prepare to plant. I've weeded it and tried to remove as many stones as possible.

However under the surface there are still many compacted stones as this area had been gravelled in the past for water drainage. We have gutters on our new roof so now I can plant flowers! I have also added some rich soil from other parts of the garden and some compost. 

I've sown Godetia seeds in this patch. Let's hope they grow!

I moved the goats to the front of the house as they're such great company!

In fact, all my fur babies were with me! The goats, Spencer......

.....and dear old Max!

When I wanted a break from the garden, I sorted through some of my fabrics. 

In the fields today, Georges was in his tractor with a disc harrow. 

Chris was making great strides with the insulation. 

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx