Monday, 13 June 2016

Spring Progress

I just wanted to recap on the work we did during our last visit in the Spring. I wrote about what we had hoped to do in this post, 'Not long Now'. 

This included vegetation clearance by goats, clearing the branches from the side of the barn, installing a permanent electricity connection, a new sink unit in the kitchen, new outside light, replumbing the sink in the downstairs toilet, painting the living room and insulating/panelling/decorating/flooring the smaller cottage bedroom. 

Well we didn't complete all the tasks planned but we didn't do too bad!

The paperwork and payment for the permanent electricity connection (branchement définitif) has all been completed thanks to our wonderful bilingual electrician. There was a lot of paperwork and he said he didn't want to ever have to do that again! The new meter and connection is booked to be installed at the end of June. Progress! Chris had to do some serious digging to make space for the new meter to be installed.

We changed our plans and decided to work on the larger cottage bedroom. Mainly because our bed and all our stuff was in the smaller bedroom and it seemed pointless moving it all around when there isn't that much difference in the bedrooms anyway. We made good progress with the insulation. We put up insulation batts between the rafters.......

.....and then a layer of multi-couche insulation.......

We purchased the wood panelling (lambris) that will cover the ceiling and although we had a bit of a practise, we didn't have time to install it. 

So the lambris, decorating and flooring will be done next time.

There was also a problem with the floor in this bedroom as one of the beams had suffered water damage (we think) causing the floor to sink. We propped it up from below in the living room.....

.....and then Chris made a start on placing large bolts into the wall to hold it in place. This was a long and hard job as he had to drill into the granite wall. 

This will completed next time and Chris has a new SDS drill to hopefully make the job a bit easier!

We really want to complete work on the bedroom as this will be our bedroom in the future and, during the summer, a nice comfy place for our guests to sleep.

Painting the living room was my domain. I got so far with it and then we realised that Chris needed to use the stepladder upstairs for work on the ceiling. So I made a start on the painting but there's so much more to do...this ceiling is going to need at least three coats. Next time!

By the way a second stepladder is on our shopping list so we don't have this stumbling block again!

We now have a new outside light on the back of the cottage. Handy for locating Max the cat at night and for those summer barbeques that go on after dark!

We have cleared the majority of the branches at the side of the barn.......

....and have planted some soft fruits there......

Clearing the mud from the driveway wasn't on our original list but Chris worked hard and did a wonderful job and it's made the house much more accessible from the road.

A double bonus was the gravel that I sieved from the garden could be used for the's great when things work out like that!

In addition to removing many buckets of gravel from the front of the farmhouse, I made some flower borders and planted seeds for the summer. Can't wait to be back to see how they've grown!

Last but not least, Bam Bam and Time, the goats, have done a wonderful job! They have eaten so much and we now have a clear area at the back of the barn.......

...and they've done a pretty good job at the front of the farmhouse too!

I know the goats have enjoyed themselves and they have been great company.

We may not have completed everything on our original list but we came away feeling satisfied that we had worked as hard as we could and that we had made good progress. You can't ask for more than that now, can you?!

Take care until next time!

Thank you so much for popping by!

Maggie xx