Sunday, 31 July 2016

Fête de la Crêpe

Today we took the day off from wood panelling and stone cleaning. We went to the Fête de la Crêpe in nearby Gourin. This is a yearly event held in the Parc de Tronjoly. There is music on a stage with Breton dancing, a huge marquee where the crêpes are made, stalls with crafts and a competition for the largest crêpe.

After a wander around the stalls, we realised we had to buy a special currency to purchase food and drink. The currency was 'skoeds'. We queued up to exchange our euros for skoeds at a rate of 1 Skoed to 1.2 Euros.

I asked the man at the counter how to pronounce skoeds and he told me you say it like 'squids'!

We entered the marquee and it was jam packed with people queuing up for their crêpes. We made a beeline for the drinks and bought 2 ciders for 4 skoeds!

We then sat outside soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying our ciders.

The park has this fantastic tiered seating area where you can watch whatever is on the stage. It's a very clever design.

Once we had finished our cider, we ventured into the marquee again to buy our lunch. It was still packed but we were hungry!

It was interesting watching the crêpes being made.

There were hundreds of people enjoying their crêpes or the alternative of tripes and potatoes.

This was the price list. We opted for fromage-jambon (cheese and ham) with caramel au beurre-salé (salted caramel) to follow.

It was a long hot wait in the queue but it was worth it!

We took our crêpes outside to eat. On stage, there was a trio of Breton singers called Les Frères Morvan and a crowd was dancing in front of them.

A special dance floor had been constructed so that everyone could go up and join in with the Breton dances. Every time the tune changed, the dance changed but everyone seemed to know all the dances.

A bit later, there was a band playing traditional Breton music. The dancing continued. I was amazed at how many people - men, women and children - got up to dance. It was a lovely atmosphere and great to see so many people enjoying themselves.

Who knows, in the future, I may get up there and join them! It looked like great fun!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Spot the difference!

Here is a bunch of pretty flowers that our friend Henri picked from his garden for us. Apparently they are very good for bees. I have found out since that the plant is phalecia, sometimes called purple tansy. 

I have planted a hot lips salvia on the corner of the wellhouse.

I have transplanted the remaining three hollyhocks that were in the fruit garden to the little border by the cottage back door.

The godetias are so pretty.

Chris has been working on fitting the wood panelling to the upper part of the sloping ceiling.

He has now completed this part of the ceiling.

I've continued to clean those stones on the living room wall. This is before.....

...and this is after....yes I know it doesn't look that different! But if you look closely there are some stones that are cleaner and brighter than before! Hint: left hand side.

Saturday afternoon I spent sewing together the blocks of this scrappy star quilt top. I started sewing this quilt in January 2015!!

The top is now completed and I will take it home to England to quilt and complete.

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx

Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Step in the Right Direction....Broadband!

This week is flying by....I can't believe it's Thursday already. I actually got the day wrong today. Chris asked me earlier what day it was and I was convinced it was only Wednesday. I wondered why I'd read something about it nearly being the weekend! So Thursday it is!

Time has been going by so quickly that I completely forgot to say that we now have a landline telephone connected and our broadband internet became available last Friday. There were relatively few teething problems apart from a mix up with our broadband router. We were told to pick it up from a florists (yes slightly bizarre) in the nearby town of Chateauneuf-de-Faou but it didn't arrive there so Orange arranged one to be sent direct.

Over the last few days, Chris has continued with the wood panelling in the bedroom. He's now completed the top section. It looks great.

He then fixed batons to the sloping ceiling ready for attaching the wood panelling this afternoon.

I've made a start on cleaning the stone wall in the living room. 

Many of the stones are black and discoloured probably from the previous owner's woodburner/fire. You can see the true colours of the stone in this one that I've scrubbed. There are orange/reddish streaks and speckles of iron pyrite/fool's gold.

We debated about what to use to clean the stone and in the end plumped for a simple wire brush and a water spray. It's quite painstaking and a labour of love but it's also very satisfying cleaning the stone and revealing it's true beauty.

You can see the black stones above that haven't been cleaned. There are many more stones to be cleaned yet. The good thing is, it's the kind of job you can leave and then come back to. Chris does a bit too when he fancies a change from wood panelling!

You may remember I attempted to clean this wall when we first I am below....nearly two years ago! That soapy water wasn't a lot of use!!

In between wood panelling and stone cleaning, we've been shopping, to the Mairie to pay our water bill and paid a visit to our friends, Henri and Yvette. They were as welcoming and friendly as always and it was good to see them and catch upon news.

On Sunday I planted some basil.

I have a few beansprouts now!

I have planted some of them in the ground with a wigwam.

The godetias that I grew from seed in the Spring are beginning to flower......

Something I hadn't noticed before but now it's flowering I recognise it......St John's Wort.....under the oak tree.

The frontage was very overgrown.

So Chris got to work strimming it....a shame as I liked the wild flowers but it was getting too wild and had to be done!

I spotted this beautiful moth this morning on the farmhouse window frame.

I've also had time for a spot of patchwork.....I've sewn the top of a baby quilt.....

As always, thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Roll Out the Barrel

Unfortunately this beautiful hydrangea isn't in our garden. It was by the roadside in the little town of Scaer where we went today.

There was vide grenier (car boot/table top sale) being held in the Espace Culturel Youenn Gwernig. (Youenn Gwernig was a Breton writer, poet, sculptor, painter, musician, singer and television producer. He was also known as 'le grand Youenn').

There were about 50 stalls and we found one little treasure that we both liked!

It needs some TLC but Chris is up for the challenge!

After the vide grenier, we had a wander around the local market and then bought some Scaeroise bread and a couple of pastries from the boulangerie. Then it was time to take Spencer for his favourite 'swimming' walk. He ran on ahead as he was so excited to reach the river!

I had brought along a small picnic consisting of the bread and pastries together with some Port Salut and chutney. Grenadine squash to wash it all down.

We enjoyed our picnic at a table near the river whilst Spencer played in and out of the water.

He was loving every minute.

After I'd finished my lunch, I threw a stick in the water for him to fetch.

Unfortunately poor Spencer cut his paw. We're not sure what on but probably some broken glass on the river bed.

He's alright but we've ordered complete rest and no ball throwing and charging about until his paw has healed.

Poor Spencer!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx