Monday, 13 February 2017

The Water Diviners

Last Friday, Pierre and Gabrielle popped round with their friend Maurice. Pierre and Maurice are water diviners and had offered to help us locate our septic tank.

It was extremely interesting to watch them work with a pendulum, sticks and a watch on a chain.

I don't know too much about water divining but I understand the theory is that the muscles of the body react to the electromagnetic caused by the presence of water.

There were certain areas where the sticks would twist, the pendulum would swing or the watch would spin.

There was a strong response in this area in particular and Chris grabbed the spade to dig....

.....but unfortunately they didn't locate the tank. After about an hour, some toilet flushing (to locate the pipe leading to the tank!) and some discussion, they decided to leave it for now. I think they felt disappointed that they couldn't help. We felt it was so kind of them to try. A septic tank is rather different from an underground stream or water pipe with free flowing water. I think the only way we're going to locate it is to dig over this area.

I don't think Spring is too far away now......

....we have a daffodil....

.....and a crocus!

You can see how much rain we have had...the pond is nearly full....

...and look at the water glistening on the fields.....

We will be leaving soon so I always like to take a few outside photos before we go. Especially as I've been indoors most of the time due to the wintry weather.


Even though last year we spent time clearing the driveway, it hasn't taken long for the mud to build up again...

Chris has been outside clearing the mud and has put several barrow loads into the pond.

Throughout our stay, Chris has worked continually to keep our cottage cosy and warm by making sure we have plenty of wood for the wood burner.

The last few days, he's been finishing the frame and insulation in the bigger bedroom.

I've been preparing to leave, packing and cleaning. 

I've painted the living room door too.

Our cottage is becoming so cosy and homely.

 It's always sad to revoir 'til next time.....

Thank you for joining me on our adventure....see you soon!

Maggie xx


  1. As always, your French photos remind me much of our corner of Oregon! Safe travels, Maggie; already looking forward to next time.

  2. Gosh, it seems like you only just got there and it's already time to go home. I'm sure you are looking forward to the day when you can make France your permanent home. Hope to see you back soon.

  3. Oh, sigh. We are sorry you have to leave France too. But happy and safe travels. Hope to see you post again soon!

  4. So sorry to see you leave but at least you got to see your Srping flowers blooming. Spring is here in the Ozarks of the U.S. too. My daffodils are blooming, rain, sunny warm days to hang clothes out on the lovely. I hope yo u keep blogging your handwork after you get home! I wish you a safe trip home. Hugs ~ Sam

  5. Hah! I find you're back only to find you're leaving! Never mind - I've caught up on all your adventures. Your painting looks lovely - I wish I enjoyed painting! There are some rooms in our house that needed painting when we moved in 11 years ago - & still haven't been done! Both of us hate DIY and so avoid it like the plague. When you've finished renovating your place you can come & do ours! I hope you have solved the mice problem (preferably without killing them!) Mr FD looks after an acquaintance's summer house & he has to kill the mice there. I hate it when he asks me to buy the poison - I feel like a murderer!! You are getting on well with your neighbours too which is great. Wer find that people here are very friendly...We must have raclette again soon. We have a machine like the one in your photo - individual pans for cheese. Very nice - and you can cook thin pieces of steak or marinaded mushrooms on top too! Yummy! See you next time you're back - I'll keep a better watch for your return!

  6. That must have been quite interesting to watching the diviners. I would have liked to watch them do that someday. Your home is looking so cozy and very inviting!

  7. Your home is keeping you two fully occupied with work and improvements, and already it is time to leave. Too bad the water diviners were not successful.

  8. We have had such problems with septic tanks. We needed a new one when we moved in which at the time appeared to be fine and was passed and signed for. A few years later we discovered it was leaking! It had not been bedded in properly in sand and with the weight of the fill, a large rock punctured the bottom. We are now on our third one if you count the original which was useless, and hopefully this time all is well. We were here to watch what was going on this time and all seems to be good. Expensive hobby though! Take care Diane


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