Sunday, 27 August 2017

Bathroom Ceiling and a New Garden

This last week the weather has been warm and sunny, sometimes overcast, making good weather to work in. We've stayed at home all week working in the cottage and the garden.

I've sanded and painted one side of the bathroom door. It needs three coats of white satinwood to get a good finish.

Early in the week, Chris plucked up courage and removed the old bidet from the bathroom, using push fit fittings to stop the water. They worked well.

Chris has been installing the new bathroom ceiling including insulation, temporarily relocating the light and fitting the plasterboard.

Chris had devised some genius improvisations for holding up the plasterboard until it was screwed into place!

I've cleaned a couple of stones on the living room wall. It's just one of those jobs I can't get excited about.

We've made some good progress in the garden.

On the other side of the pond, there is an overgrown patch of land with lots of brambles, thistles etc. There is a path that Chris mows so we can walk through it. The brambles were encroaching onto the path so I started cutting them back. We had planted two apple trees here a couple of years ago so I started by cutting back the brambles around them and adding a layer of mulch at their bases.

The apple trees don't get much sunlight due to the overhanging trees so when Chris came along to see how I was doing, he decided to cut back some branches to allow some sunlight through. This in turn led to me cutting back more brambles. So we've now created a new garden area.

I've spent some time clearing grass and weeds from back of cottage and farmhouse. I'd started using the strimmer but then a frog jumped out. Then I decided to pull the weeds by hand so as to not injure any amphibians!

In the fields around us, the farmer has collected the straw bales.

I've collected lots of blackberries and cut back more of the brambles on the drive and Chris has mowed the grass.

Unfortunately my tomato plant got blight so I've pulled most of it out but we've enjoyed Henri's delicious blue potatoes!

I made a foccacia from a bread mix but I added some fresh rosemary and sun dried tomatoes.

I've finished the front of the baby dress that I'm cute!

I spotted a peacock butterfly on the brambles.

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Maggie xx

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Is it really 3 Years?

It was three years ago today that we went to the notaire's office and signed the contract to buy our house in Brittany. What a wonderful decision that has turned out to be!

Here's a link to my original post on that day:

As the wheat in our neighbouring field has now been harvested and there is only stubble, Chris suggested we take a walk around the perimeter. We would then be able to see our house from a new perspective.




It's a large field and took us about an hour to walk the perimeter.

In the evening, we had a nostalgic meal in nearby Scaer. We first went to this pizzeria when we had initially viewed the house back in May 2014 so it holds some happy memories for us. We reminisced about discussing the pros and cons of the house after the house viewing.

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Maggie xx