Friday, 4 August 2017

Life's a Beach with my son George

My son George came to stay with us for a week. He flew from London Stansted to Lorient and we picked him up from there as it's only about 45 minutes away from us.

George has been living in Australia for a year and only returned to the UK at the beginning of July so I couldn't wait to spend time with him. We were also very excited about him visiting us in Brittany as it would be his first time here. We couldn't wait to show him the cottage and the farmhouse.

I made him some of his favourite goodies including chocolate flapjacks, Poldark tray bake and a big lasagne....

George had really missed our dog Spencer and couldn't wait to take him to the beach. So the day after he arrived, we headed for Le Pouldu. We walked along the coastal path until we reached the beach where dogs are allowed.

The weather wasn't brilliant for the end of July but the rain stayed away and we had great fun throwing the ball for Spencer and watching him swim in the sea.

The next day we spent at home. George had offered to help us out with any work he could do so we set to work in the garden, cutting down some overhanging branches....

.....and pulling some old wood out of the brambles. That was hard work!

The next day we headed to Concarneau for the Friday market. It really is a fantastic French market with some wonderful food stalls.

....and also some good women's clothes stalls. I couldn't resist buying myself a couple of summery scarves and a pretty lacy cardigan.

After a quick stop for coffee, we entered the ville close where there was live music playing.

We had a wander along the street, browsing in some of the shops and then had a nice lunch sat outside one of the many restaurants.

The weather was perfect for walking along the ramparts after lunch.

We spent the next day at home and George helped us move some old slate tiles into the barn that were on the first floor of the farmhouse. The tiles were very heavy and we kind of made a human chain.

Off to the beach again on Sunday. This time to Lesconil.

It's great there because there's a camping car aire just behind the sand dunes and it's only a few minutes and you're on the beach.

We had a good walk along the beach then back to Harvey J for a lunch of bacon sandwiches. We then walked round to the little harbour and treated ourselves to a salted caramel ice cream.

On the Monday, I decided to bake some bread.....

.....and a baked brie for lunch.....

I'd never made baked brie before. It turned out very nice although rather large portions for just the three of us. It went down very nicely with the homemade bread and chutneys.

After lunch and a spot of relaxation, George started digging out the area at the front of the farmhouse. Last year I dug out the other side and it took me ages as it's mostly compacted gravel. I was very glad to have George help out with this.

Off to Trévignon on Tuesday. The weather was beautiful. We parked by a small beach just out of town.

We walked along the coastal path to the town where we had a delicious lunch outside. George had mussels whereas Chris and I had crêpes.

We explored the harbour after lunch.

George's flight was on Thursday evening so on the way to the airport we popped by Le Pouldu again for some final beach fun.

George's visit was like a holiday for us too! It was so lovely to have him stay and spend time with him. I'm thrilled that he now has an insight into our life in Brittany.

Now his visit is over, we must set to work....the bathroom in the cottage needs renovating!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. What a nice visit you had with George and it was very helpful to you that it was a mixture of work and play. Is he going back to Australia or staying in the UK? It will be nice to have him closer to home.

  2. What a fun visit with George, playing on the beach with your dog, walking the ramparts, good food and he got the full experience of your new home.

  3. Thanks for blogging I always enjoy very much what is happening at your place in Brittany. There is nothing quite like the help of a youngster.

  4. Very handsome young man, your George. Glad you shared all the lovely locales and good food with him, and with us. Nice that George was able to take some photos of you and Chris together too.

  5. Strong family resemblance; he's a bonny lad! (Gotta be a good man to love Spencer so and pitch in on the heavy work. ;-)

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  7. Sorry this is about my 4th try, having massive WiFi problems !!!
    Bet you enjoyed having your son there and I hope he enjoyed it as much. Looks like you had fun but also got some work done as well. Have a good week Diane

  8. What handsome, hardworking son you glad you had some help with those heavy projects. You can tell he really loves Spencer and you balanced it by going to some great places. Your food that you made looks delicious and I'm sure it was enjoyed by everyone. Great photos of all of you too. So glad he is closer now so he can visit more often maybe. I know you missed him. Okay...back to work now! LOL!


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