Monday, 7 August 2017

The Great Outdoors

After George's visit, we decided to spend some time pottering, doing some odd chores and tidying the garden.

I started trimming back the brambles at the side of the drive. It wasn't long before Chris joined me. There really is a deep bank of brambles here. I estimate it's about 5 or 6 metres deep in places. I have the idea that I will try to cut a little back every now and then. I find it quite therapeutic!

An added bonus of cutting back the brambles is picking blackberries that would be otherwise out of reach. I'm trying to pick them on a daily basis and then freezing them for later use in jams and crumbles.

We also spotted these frogs that were very well camouflaged amongst the leaves and twigs.

We've cleared the earth (mainly gravel) that George had dug out of my future flower bed. We moved it into the barn for sieving under cover.

Chris sorted and stacked the wood that he and George had pulled out of the brambles last week.

Lots of walks down the track with Spencer.

There are some young cows in the field that always come over to say 'bonjour'...

My bee balm/Monarda are blooming well this year and I snapped this Jersey Tiger moth on one of the flowers. Another moth that has been enjoying the bee balm is the Hummingbird Hawk Moth. It's too fast for me to catch a photo but it's amazing to watch.

I've planted some roses which will hopefully do well here especially this Golden Showers Climbing Rose. The yellow blooms will look beautiful against the stone wall.

I've been enjoying collecting seeds from the 'Circus Clowns' snapdragons.

Another pretty rose...this one's a patio rose and I've planted it just outside the cottage door. This is the first time I've ever tried mulching the roses...I've been using grass cuttings.

This rose looks much healthier since I've planted it. I'd left it in the pot too long. It's doing much better now.

Handsome Mr Toad on the gravel in the farmhouse!

A beautiful Red Admiral butterfly....

Our tomatoes are doing well but the runner beans are a bit weak. 

We've been eagerly filling up our new compost bins! They arrived last week and George helped me build them.

On one of my walks last week with George, we discovered these black caterpillars on the nettles. These caterpillars later become Peacock butterflies. Apparently some of the communes have stopped cutting back the nettles so that they have a better chance of survival.

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Great photos. Looks like all is going well in your part of the world. Have a good Sunday Diane

  2. Now I have to google "peacock butterflies"! Your place is looking lovely.

  3. Thanks again for posting Love all the flowers and butterflies. Golden Showers is one of my favorite roses.

  4. Gravel is really hard to dig out. My daughter and I dug out 2 flower beds of it when I first moved here and some still surfaces but my plants are all doing well there so that's all that counts. Your yard is starting to look like a cottage pretty! It's like a wildlife preserve at your house! LOL! Lovely creatures and the black caterpillars I have never seen but I learned something. Your compost bins are great. I built my own 3 bin compost when I had my farm. Things are really looking wonderful on your 'homestead'!

  5. At least those are "good" caterpillars. You do know the dangers of Processionary Caterpillars don't you? If not, google them. They really are nasty little buggers, especially to dogs & cats.


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